English Porter

Brown beer with a moderately toasted and bitter character. With a moderate taste of bread, biscuit and toasted malt, it includes a gently roasted sensation reminiscent of dark chocolate at the end of the mouth, and also with a significant caramel, nutty and toffee character.

Brown Ale Blend

Dark brown beer with medium skin obtained by blending technique to achieve a slightly sweet black beer. With flavors oriented towards toasted malts, soft notes of coffee and caramel. Dry finish with a compact and persistent foam.

Red Ale with Berries

Ocher red beer, medium body and light, sweet foam. With a clear aroma of red fruits because it is produced with blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and sarsamoras that give it citrus notes and bitter and caramel flavors at the end of the mouth. It stands out for a soft taste of red fruits mixed with the […]

Red Ale Honey

Intense red beer, with persistent foam, obtained with the best honey from the Argentine Atlantic area. With a soft honey aroma and a sweet finish in the mouth.

Red Ale Sugar Cane

Beer of intense red color, with persistent foam, achieved from cane honey that gives it a light cane flavor at the end of the mouth while sweet, non-cloying notes are perceived throughout the drink.

Best Red English Bitter

Precursor recipe for IPAs, it is a balanced beer, amber to red in color, with a characteristic hoppy bitter flavor and an intense flavor with a caramel entry provided by a selected mix of malts. Very refreshing and highly drinkable beer. It does not register strong aromatic notes (unlike IPAs).

Amber Bier

Medium-bodied blonde beer, amber in color. Abundant foam. With an intense flavor and slight bitterness, which perfectly complement its caramel aroma.


Produced from an original recipe with 20% wheat in its ingredients, it is a smooth, slightly sweet beer, with a light body and medium creaminess. Completely translucent due to a natural filtering process and stored cold for more than a month. It has a strongly golden color and a delicate balance between fruity aromas and […]